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MJVR Volume 1 (2010)


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Volume 1 (2010)

Volume 1 (2010)

1. The Cattle Artificial Insemination Industry In Malaysia
Raymond A.K. and Saifullizam A.K.
Corresponding author: adrien@dvs.gov.my

2. A Comparison for the Detection of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in Sheep and Goats Between ELISA Test and the Agar Gel Immunodiffusion
Ramlan M., Yeoh N.N., Norlindawati A.P. and Surayani A. R.
Corresponding author: nona@jphvri.gov.my

3. Delopment of Indirect Avian Influenza ELISA Using Malaysia Local Isolate H5N2
Ong G.H., Maizan M., Suriani M.N., Syamsiah A.S. and Ramlan M.
Corresponding author: onggh@jphvri.gov.my

4. Isolation of Mycoplasma Iners from Chickens
Tan L.J., Dahlia H., Zarrahimah Z., Chandrawathani P. and Ramlan M.

5. The Prevalence of Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) in Peninsular Malaysia
Khoo L.L., Hasnah Y., Rosnah Y., Saiful N., Maswati M.A. and Ramlan M.
Corresponding author: khooll@jphvri.gov.my

6. Seroprevalence of Trichinellosis in Pigs in Northern States of Malaysia
Chandrawathani P., Premaalatha B., Zaini M.Z., Adnan M., Nurul Aini R., Zawida Z., Jamnah  O., Premila M., Gajadhar A., and Ramlan M.
Corresponding author: chandra@jphvri.gov.my

7. Prevalence of Helminthiasis in Relation to Climate in Small Ruminants in Perak in 1998 and 2008
Norakmar I., Candrawathani P., Nurul Aini R., Zawida Z., Premaalatha B., Imelda lynn V., Adnan M., Jamnah O. and Zaini C.M.
Corresponding author: akmar_nora@yahoo.com

8. A survey of Bacterial and Parasitic Infections of Rats Caught in the Veterinary Research Institute (VRI), Ipoh
Premaalatha B., Nurul Aini R., Zawida Z., Norakmar I., Imelda lynn V., Adnan M., Zaini C.M., Jamnah O., Tan L.J., Zainab Z., Khoo.L.L., Chandrawathani P. and Ramlan M.



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